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home page : home gardening

organic vegetables

easy vegetable gardening with 12 easiest vegetables to grow

vegetable gardening page with all the links to growing vegetables

the easiest vegetables to grow

growing green beans

growing jalapeno peppers from kitchen caste offs

growing bell peppers

two ways of growing leeks

growing organic tomatoes

planting vegetable gardens

olive harvest

olive propagation

growing pinapples









the amazingly diverse nightshade plants

more articles

planting vegetable gardens

giving your vegetable garden planner more depth

using propagation tubes to optimize space

collecting vegetable garden seed in Permaculture

home vegetable garden

managing weeds organically

Seed saving combined with making fruit vinegar

aquatic veggies in the garden

An argument for for city homesteading and farming, a different use of green space and urban gardening

small kitchen garden productivity

growing other useful plants

cork oaks from acorns

how to grow turmeric rhizomes

growing mushrooms

growing mushroom spawn

growing mushrooms on straw

growing oyster mushrooms on logs

experimenting with mushroom culture


conserving water

pond systems 

saving household water and using pond

the garden pond as productive ecosystem

pond building, a cement water reservoir

pond building albm one, concrete shell

pond building album two, inserting liner

pond building album three, plumbing

koi breeding album 

waterwise gardening

water-wise gardening practice, introduction and preparation

Mediterranean climate gardening and locally appropriate planting

water wise planting for any dry zone

how plants adapt to drought

different kinds of mulches

how to water correctly to use less

how to plant a dry garden: soil and positioning

the opposite of water wisdom through history, climate change, deforestation and water

plant diseases

garden pests

what to do about a range of garden insects

early tomato blight

cucumber diseases

the fruit fly life cycle and fly control

organic fruit fly control with baits, traps and poisons

fruit fly control: sanitize and select

fruit fly control by exclusion

biological pest control and biodiversity

organic fruit fly control with baits, traps and poisons

how to stop birds scratching out your seedlings


garden linking page

saving your soil from destruction

make vermicompost at home

super cheap humanure hack

humanure composting album

highly effective organic fertilizers from permaculture

soil treatment

hot composting, nutrients and pathogens

hot aerobic composting made so much easier

garden fertilizer: traditional and mixed cold composting

anaerobic composting at home

making compost, the ultimate organic garden fertilizer

nutrients, pathogens and hot composting

organic liquid green fertilizer from water and weeds

worms, one of the best methods for processing organics 

garden resources

garden linking page

tree trimming album

planters and beds

raised beds

bed preparation 

vegetable bed preparation hacks inspired by permaculture

bed preparation hacks album with waterwise sunken beds

container garden

garden tools

 grow your own cuttings

gardeners tools for difficult cuttings

green garden supplies: Fynbos and Worm products


gardens and gardeners

permaculture design course

precolonial Mayan agriculture 

gardening businesses

 a successful gardening micro-enterprise

potted succulents for sale

gardening philosphies

permaculture ideas

permaculture principles

permaculture design course

the 12 principles of permaculture

the permaculture expert Karen Parkin

articles on companion planting permaculture workshop

Yeomans keyline principles modeled in sand


front garden permablitz

my easy method

how to plant a garden

comparing chemical, biodynamic, and permaculture farming, in defense of permaculture

wild plants

experimenting with growing native trees

indigenous wild  berries and edible seeds 

food from the wild and safety

foraging in the Fynbos for greens

South African foraging heritage


natural garden design

garden linking page

design linking page

nursery design and plant propagation

herb garden design

garden pots

container gardens

garden paths and garden paving

start a tiny forest, your own pocket forest ecosystem project

Akira Miyawaki's method of rapid nature modeled aforestation

Shubhendu Sharma's afforestation method with mathematical precision

ecological garden fences and walls

backyard garden project in stages 

stage 1 green garden design

stage 2 making a garden planting plan

stage 3 planting aloes in the raised bed

stage 4 planting out the second aloe pot

stage 5 laying a simple path and planting for shade

stage 6 bed preparation and lay another garden path

stage 7 planting the henhouse garden with succulents

stage 8, some finishing up, how to plant garden in hurry

other design articles

a tour de force of historically sensitive local landscaping 

the radical grey walls approach

block designs

decorative plants

Goodwood Gardens: a prize winning succulent garden

flower garden tip 2: fun finding flower garden ideas 

flower garden design ideas

flower garden tip 1 - plant your flowers in containers

garden flower's names

potted succulents


seasonal colour in the flower garden linking page

red and orange flowers in July

pink flowering garden in the late summer drought

blue flowers in the rainy season

blue flowers in the flower garden

white flowers in July 

white flowers in August

two small flowering trees

beyond gardening

green ideas beyond gardening linking page

green theories 

 Bejan's constructal law

green home

green home linking page

home made natural cosmetics and biodegradable cleaning products

eco cities

eco cities linking page

the brave new citizen based city planning

green space

Goodwood library gardens

protesting the loss of Goodwood's street trees

road verges

one green dream, the biggest people's park on earth

urban farmer's and permaculture experts in Tableview


waste linking page

consumer education Zero Waste purchasing guidelines

paper waste: reduce, recycle

recycling solutions startup

zero packaging shops


the dangers of plastic 

traditional door to door recycling service

 waste on a mega scale, the story of Wasteplan

small scale domestic recycling businesses that collect 

Commercial and large scale waste management services

recycle plastic

The Rubbish Diet

recycle appliances

eco friendly household products

Nobin Prize April 2016 awarded to British Website:

Nobin Prize March 2016 awarded to worm farmer

renewable materials

an old South African vineyard


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