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This sub section of the website is about green ideas which extend beyond the home garden into the world, and impact on us from the world. It is solutions and education focussed as well as practical. The suggestions for green living are primarily low cost and aimed at urban people with a home. Outside the home, we need information on the bigger environmental picture or we do not know how to act politically on ecological questions. If you are well versed in eco issues my apologies for the back to basics style and coverage I adopt. 

This section is divided into major themes, such as saving resources in the home, wasteeco cities and energy. Building green has been transferred here.

At the start of writing the website is dominated by tips and personal experience, and practical fact finding about my neighbourhood.

Under these practical tips and observations, the home based implementation of green ideas, there are numerous topics which all have to do with what you can do as an individual to have a more eco friendly home, manage an environmentally friendly home on a budget, reducing energy use in the home without having to invest in solar technology, discussion of recycling, in which vermiculture plays a major role reducing bin waste, and the there is an aiming for zero waste competition for householders, just a bit of fun really, the prestigious Nobin prize. I also write about some kinds of environmentally friendly building. 

Gardening can form a key element of the integrated green life and especially the organic recycling 'ecosystem', and so gardening and especially for human food is large on the agenda of this website, but integrated into other green ideas. You will find information on growing vegetables and permaculture and topics like seed collection, humble home garden design projects as well as documentation of the seasonal plant colours in the street of my neighbourhood.  

the hexagonal grid of pine-apple fruit and honey combs, as well as the branched form of so many natural structures is evidence of the mathematical, function related patterning in nature, that aligns with another green idea, namely biomimicry. 

Many of the more informational articles on global issues like energy, waste and ecocities are for my own environmental education, and I hope you enjoy them too. 

I believe that public green space, available to everyone for relaxation, is a healer, and that urban planners should integrate it into all future development, instead of which they are trying to design it out of the system in some quarters of Cape Town. 


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various low cost ways for building green: DIY ECO HOUSE


my collection of pictures of eco technologies on pinterest


open discussion on energy and global warming


waste management, and the Nobin Prize 


vegetable gardening the natural and cost effective way


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