complete recycling
offering recycle solutions for your home

Recycled milk bags used in a nurseryRecycled milk bags used in a nursery

This business of recycling and finding recycle solutions for all kinds of waste is an interesting problem, and I've decided to pay myself while I do research on a practical level. Below is my new recycling business.

I offer a domestic waste recycling service to local home owners and suggestions and trouble shooting online. Below is a draft of the flier I'm handing out at the moment. Feel free to make suggestions if you know this line of business, are an entrepreneur, homeowner, or passionate recycler. I'm testing the market at the moment, developing an angle that works for me, small scale, some extra pocket money.


complete recycling 

Go green effortlessly: We recycle for you

kitchen scraps, food, plastic, glass, paper, cardboard, old appliances, and suggest solutions for the rest

First month free

for a limited number of clients with normal domestic waste

Thereafter only R100 a month

Get the problem off your hands. We compost, sort and recycle  your waste. We’re nearby in Goodwood and online at, just a phone call away : 0727238047



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