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I think I recycle at home because I have this saving and recycling thing in my genes. I was apparently terrified of my grand aunt on my father’s side, and the widow's weeds she wore most of her life, thinking she was a ‘real’ witch. I met her only once when I was a toddler and screamed, apparently. 

Her demise led to the penetration of outsiders into her domain, who discovered her small flat piled to the ceiling with collected newspapers. Her other forte was activism for the preservation of buildings. She helped to save the Old Supreme Court which is now the Slave Museum. My desert dwelling great grandmother on my mother’s side used to put corks into the taps to stop them from dripping, so I don't stand a chance of not having the virus. But hoarding is the bad side of the green impulse, and it stems from not wanting to throw things away in case you find a way of reusing them… sometime….. Good recycling channels all waste into a pre-planned use which consumes it, so that it is actually disappears, and does not clutter your home, and it leads to cleaner spaces, and definitely to the large space we all inhabit as a city, country or planet being cleaner, just because we recycle at home.

WHAT CAN BE done to prevent MICRO (domestic) AND MACRO POLLUTION when you recycle at home

The philosophy behind recycling is that everything that remains in the cycle of use does not exit this system to become a macro polluter, of the world outside the home, as it would as "rubbish" on a landfill. Water, plastic, glass, organics, garden and kitchen waste, paper, electronic parts and even human waste can all be used again for other purposes. I’ll explain how this can be done as we go.

There is not much left in the average household of a material nature to take care of, but the energy we use for power in the home, and for traveling to work and further is problematic, does not enter a cycle, it is only spent, and produces dangerous by products, which are the biggest cause of macro pollution. The products we flush down the drain or possibly allow to get into the ground water, or that impact on animal life around us, like cleaning chemicals, fertilisers, bacteria and insecticides, exit our homes and are another macro pollution problem, whose impact can be felt beyond our walls. The industries that produce the goods we buy are an even worse problem, and a major pollutant. I will try to present ways, or put forward ideas for discussion on what we can do step by easy step, in bite size chunks, to green homes, but also hopefully we'll find solutions about what to do to slow macro pollution. For domestic organic waste, you could do a lot worse than starting with



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