Humanure album

This albums shows you a very simple low cost system using newspaper, a plastic bowl, a bucket with a lid, a gray water bucket, two composters made of pallets and straw gathered in the park.

I find this system quite bearable and low in the 'yuck' factor, but I've been a greeny for decades and this has set my priorities in life. For more information and background on the humanure hack see this article

newspaper, collecting bowl and bucket, gray water bucketnewspaper collecting bowl two buckets
flatten pooflatten poo pile
the full collecting bucket ready for compostingthe full collecting bucket ready for composting
thick lid of strawthick lid of straw
dump the contents in a nest of strawgive it a nest of straw with thick walls
flatten strawflatten straw

The newspaper lines a plastic collecting bowl placed in the toilet. The contents are then quickly lifted out of the bowl by grabbing the points of the newspaper without dirtying the hands and placed in the collecting bucket. When the bucket is full it is emptied into a nest of straw making a thick surrounding wall of dry 'carbon' rich material. 

The straw nest is in one of the two composters made of pallets fastened with cable ties. The straw is gathered in local parks when the city does mowing. It is stacked to make a thick surrounding wall of 'carbon'. When the compost chamber is full, and this takes ages, it is left alone and you can start building the second one. The complete pile must sit for a year to reduce E.coli numbers. The urine goes down the toilet with gray water from the bucket under the basin (opened the basin u-bend to collect the water) and very importantly put no toilet tissue in the toilet, as it can cause blockages with reduced water flow. This is very affordable and contributes to water saving, and monthly service bills for water are becoming so expensive.



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