The Goodwood Greens Nursery Plant List

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 Plant list 15th June 2019

Quantity     Plant          Unit price (ZAR)

Trees and shrubs

8 Harpephyllum caffrum (wild plum) 1L                   35 

contains among the most concentrated

anti-oxidants of any berry in the world
4 Quercus suber (cork oak) 2L                               12
1 Acacia karoo 1L                                                   12

7 Plectranthus barbatus, (toilet paper bush) ½ L      8 

origin India, Ayurvedic medicinal

Harpephyllum caffrumHarpephyllum caffrum
Acacia karooAcacia karoo
Quercus suberQuercus suber
Plectranthus barbatusPlectranthus barbatus

2 Carissa macrocarpa ½ L                                      12

2  Franjipani (Plumeria spp.) ½ L                              5

Carissa macrocarpaCarissa macrocarpa


3 spekboom large leaf ½ L      12
2  spekboom large leaf 15 L      30
2  edible spekboom 1L       35
6  mother in law's tongue 1L      5
2 Aeonium arborium (succulent stalked green rose) 1L  10
7  Aloe aroborescens large 15-30L     75

 5 Aloe arborescens large in ground     400
4  Cotyledon orbiculata var. oblonga loose    15
8 Cotyledon orbiculata var. oblonga  potted 1L   10
3  Cotyledon orbiculata var. oblonga potted very large 15L  20
1  Cotyledon orbiculata var. silver peak loose    15
5 Cotyledon orbiculata var. silver peak potted 1-5L   20
1 Kalanchoe tomentosa, 10L      35
3 Kalanchoe beharensis (elephant ear)  loose    12

 2  Kalanchoe beharensis large in ground    200
 Ground covers and herbaceous plants
12 Tetragonia decumbens (dune spinach) ½ L    12
12 Tradescantia spp, hairy pinkish leaves, pink flowers, diff sizes 8
5 Aracaea spp. 10-20cm spotted leaf, small thread like flowers 10
10  Salvia leucantha 1L       12
2  Salvia leucantha 5L       15
1  Alstroemeria Lily 1L       8

2  Grenadilla 1L        10
Total without digging up those in ground (two trailer loads)  2025 including those in ground (four trailer loads)    4425 Bulk price (over R1000) from Goodwood 25% Discount  

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