Healing insomnia and circadian rhythm

Rural people do not seem to be as bothered by insomnia. The secret lies in the sun. The right light at the right time sets our internal clock, and manages our body functions, including wakefulness and sleep. You can tell the time of day by the color of light. So can birds and animals. The farmer woke when the cock crowed. The pink early morning light shone in his eyes. As he worked in the heat, he saw the blue daylight and it shone on his skin, Later came red sunset, and firelight, and soon he went to sleep after telling stories with friends. In contrast we work inside all day, and then stay up at night under electric light. In the evening we see the blue light from our computers and cell phones, which wakes us up just when we should be getting sleeply. When we go to bed there is no darkness, but light pollution and microwave radiation, from our router or a local cell phone tower.

Is healing insomnia necessary ?

During sleep your body heals, builds memory and flushes toxins from the brain. Once, people healed from serious illness just by sleeping. You must sleep. Not sleeping brings illnesses, like high blood pressure, obesity, cancer and even bipolar mania. Modern life disrupts our internal clock with irregular sleeping hours, sleeping too little, or getting the wrong light.

Natural ways of healing insomnia

Do the following before you start taking medication:

  1. go outside when the sun comes up, inspect your garden or walk to work, Doing it everyday strengthens the effect.
  2. get ten twenty minutes of sunshine on your skin each day This will help set yoru clock, make you alert and energetic and produce vitamin that supports making melatonin, the hormone that starts sleep. Tiring gardening exercise also helps sleep.
  3. An hour before bed, turn down lights, switch to reddish light, turn off all your devices which give off blue light like cell phones and computers, and turn off your wifi router Deep red light imitates sunset and firelight and elaxes you and prepares for sleep. wifi routers suppresses melatonin, also Wifi is banned in German kindergartens because it increased brain cancer in children.
  4. Make sure your bedroom is as dark and quiet . Get thick dark curtains for your bedroom.Trees outside the windows act as a barrier to wind, light and sound.
  5. Have a bedtime ritual that winds you down. After a day in the garden take a hot bath which promotes sleep. You can add chamomile or lavender to soothe your skin, or make tea. Cinnamon or granadilla also calm the nerves to encourage sleep..



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