The 3 Wild Plums.

I have 3 Wild Plums in my garden. I moved in 25 years ago and they were here already. Now I have trouble with my neighbors because the garden wall is under pressure. The trees are close to the wall but not touching. I am digging down to the foundation to see if these trees are the sole culprets. The neighbors insist I remove them, but the thought is breaking my heart. If I can reduce the drip line circle and top the trees, will it encourage an agredsive spread of the roots or limit the spread? To what extent will one-sided 'pruning' destabilize these trees. I guess they are to close to the wall. But surely, there must be some affordable way to save the trees and secure the wall!? Any advice will be appreciated. Solette

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Dec 02, 2022
wishing your trees well
by: Caroline

Hi Solette,

you've probably done something by now. I would love to know how it worked out.
I wouldn't do one sided pruning, but it does depend how large these trees are. If they were to topple they may damage the fence even more.

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