Thank you!

Caroline, thanks so much for the valuable information in your blog. I also try to garden in Cape Town in a garden that is battered by the Southeast in summer and that gets very little sun during a large part of the year. But without my hands in the soil I cannot live, so I persist.
This year I want to see if I can get by without collecting snails at night and dumping them in an open field or unkempt patches far enough from my garden for them not to attempt a return trip. I have noticed a couple of shells of other snails that are predators, but never seen a alive one.
Thanks for all your research and sharing it with others!
Emily S

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Aug 31, 2021
Thank you for your kind words Emily
by: Caroline

Hi Emily
yes, I was delighted after having merely read about the carnivorous snails, so that they seemed like mythological beasts at first... to see one and then another, recently in my garden. It takes a long long time for their population to climb. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they could suppress the Helix aspersa in the garden because doves and snails are responsible for the most destruction to seedlings in my garden, and snails for the larger vegetables. I also take my snails to another place, hoping that the predators there like snakes will keep them in check but sometimes I feel so guilty for doing that. I may be disrupting the balance of the wild ecosystem I take them to. No easy way out of this thing.
So nice to hear from you and make your acquaintance.
Happy gardening

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