something got through the bag !

by Carol
(South Africa )

hole in bag eaten by something

hole in bag eaten by something

hole in bag eaten by something
hole in fruit from this bag
inside this fruit, some maggots, lots of damage

I'm just posting a pic of the hole in the bag as well as the damage done to the fruit

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Apr 07, 2017
oh Deary me
by: Caroline

Oh Gosh
This is very instructive. We have here the un airbrushed version of natural gardening. I am very excited by these results, we learn more from things that go wrong sometimes. Thank you.
I think perhaps what is needed for your pears is a form of bag that is non organic... you used cotton fabric didn't you ?... perhaps bags made out of find shade net would be harder to eat through. The maggots look very very small. I doubt the fly that laid the eggs which hatched into these maggots could have eaten such a large hole ! Perhaps something like a fruit chafer ate the hole and then the fruit flies could enter and lay their eggs. I wonder if there was visible chafer damage on the fruit ?
This poison free fruit fly exclusion is an experiment, a work in progress, thank you for trying, and its just proof that the garden is our laboratory !


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