recycling waste for compost materials

mature urine added to compost

mature urine added to compost

I heat up the pile by adding some well matured urine from the red bucket kept in the garage. To inoculate it with the right bacteria I add several litres of green manure made from fermented stinging nettles. Just cut them or pull them up and pop them in a big bucket and top up with rain water. Keep stirring and in a few weeks you will have this smelly brew which is organism rich and a wonderful plant food and compost starter. Add urine and green manure to a watering can and sprinkle the pile till its damp. I've added kelp (get a collecting license if needed) gathered at the beach and washed and rehydrated, cardboard, lawn clippings and kitchen waste for nutrient diversity. Everything is free. See for more details and pictures.

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Sep 27, 2017
thank you for information on compost materials
by: Caroline

anything organic can be composted, kitchen and vegetable and fruit waste, paper and cardboard, seaweed, feces, grass, straw, and in moderation as a nutrient supplement, urine and wood ash.

Sep 27, 2017
organic materials for composting
by: Caroline

Any organic material will do for compost material. The more varied your materials the better. Paper, vegetable waste, seaweed, grass, wood ash, urine and feces are all good, but add the ash and urine merely as a supplement.

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