Passion Fruit

You should try cuttings from your bearing plant, which should duplicate the plant you have. There are video's on youtube showing how. Seeds does not necessarily produce the expected plant. Cuttings also start producing fruit of most trees in a few years, where seed plants takes a few years longer to fruit.

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Jun 03, 2021
Fruit on my passion fruit
by: Caroline

Hello there Passionfruit !

I assume I'm talking to Fanie here too ???
Yes, that is a very good idea. I am going to take cuttings the next time I come across a really strong bearing passion fruit vine !

Really, growing from seed is easy but the fruiting is poor, as you say. I think only 20% of the vines grown from seed were any good, and none were spectacular. The vine I bought at a nursery never produced any fruit at all. The best would be to make one's own cuttings.


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