Ms Kim-Marie Fisser

by Kim-Marie Fisser
(Cape Town South Africa)

I'm just blown away by yr article. I've only recently discovered the term 'lawn tapestry' & indeed,info on the subject. I'm extremely excited by the whole idea, esp as I've been wanting to re-do my unmanageable bit of lawn (wrecked since the drought/ water shortage). It's spoiling the entire aesthetic of my back garden at the moment! 😆 But oh joy, the discovery of lawn tapestry! I'm so excited for spring!!

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Jul 09, 2021
So glad too... and the journey continues !
by: Caroline

Dear Kim-Marie !

I've also discovered two more things which may turn you on. The first is that one way of pumping up the number of insects, pollinators and otherwise, that visit your garden is through ground covers. The second thing is that planting some of these like Arctotis and Geranium incanum is the first step on the way to rehabilitating your garden back towards a more native, or wild state, according to Communitree.

But where does one get ground covers ? I was at Kirstenbosch recently and they have a HUGE section of groundcovers in six packs and Sara knows where to plant all of them. If you are in the northern suburbs you can try the nursery hub at Kraaifontein, including van den Berg nurseries. You can get in a lot of flower power in the coming spring, as well as all year round interest in all the different foliage colours and shapes.

Happy happy planting ....and please, can you do me a favour ?

Please post pictures of your tapestry lawn here, and give links to any other platforms you use for my readers to follow. Its a new idea in South Africa and seeing is believing ! We also love what we know !


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