Grey water system off grid tiny home

by Riaan van Schalkwyk
(New Zealand)

I bought an off grid property, as septic tanks are expensive to install and maintain, I am looking at a more sustainable method of reusing grey water in a sustainable way. I am investigating a closed system of IBC container wicking beds, all linked together and at the final stage capturing any excess water to be reused either in other veggie gardens or orchard. I live in the Coromandel Peninsula in NZ north Island. My toilet will be a composting toilet.
I would like to make a contribution to the wider off grid tiny home community in managing grey water sustainably and at low cost in food production.
Where I live is not a dry climate, however water is becoming a scarce commodity globally.

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Aug 13, 2020
This sounds like a wonderful grey water design.
by: Caroline

Dear Riaan,
Thank you so much for outlining your plans on grey water and waste at your tiny home. I hope it motivates others to follow suit. I also have composted humanure for close on four years. I need about an hour a week for maintenance.
Good luck, and thank you for your contribution. In a second comment I will raise some issues I've had with my grey water filters so that you can design around them, if you think they may crop up in the future.

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