easiest vegetable

by Ellie
(South Africa)

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These just come up in the garden. Stephan has been eating them for years, till he read somewhere that they may be mildly poisonous. I don't eat them as they give me a slight stomach ache sometimes. I think its an Amanita, some indigenous kind that is not in all the books. It looks quite similar to a horridly toxic one, but that has a greenish tint on the cap.

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Apr 18, 2017
congratulations, you are linked to the web
by: Caroline

Whether you enjoy eating these mushrooms or not, they are highly likely to be contributing to the flourishing of your garden. The mycelial web or 'root' of the mushroom (a mycelium in Pennsylvania is the biggest living organism in the world, several kilometers across) will connect all the plants in your garden and nutrients will be able to pass along it from one plant to another, supplying the requirements of all your plants. The web is there even when the mushrooms are not, growing in winter especially. Perhaps you could gather some debris in your garden and make effect micro-organisms to give to other gardeners. I will post a recipe soon.

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