by Mehmet Fatih Yuksel
(Tekirdag, Turkey)

I think potassium has little, if any, effect on algal blooms, as opposed to nitrogen and phosphorus, the N & P of N-P-K.

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Mar 04, 2022
Thank you for your input, the elements of eco soap.
by: Caroline

Yes, I hear you. Thank you for your contribution and close reading of my text. I'm sorry, I thought all the NPK elements were possibly implied in forming algal blooms, and the big divide was between NPK and sodium, which doesn't make blooms apparently, but would wreck soil fertility long term. I will lessen the strength of what I'm saying then thanks to your evaluation. N and P certainly are more dangerous then.

By the way, it may interest you that I've recently graduated from making soap out of pure KOH crystals to using ash. Its a lot more work getting a strong lye so I top up with 'pure' KOH. I hope this way to make a soap rich in trace minerals and macronutrients, as N supplementation is quite easy. I also use weak ash lye in my system once a week to give the dishes a good degreasing. I use it straight as it saponifies itself on the dishes as I scrub them. My chard is thriving. The kale less so. The main thing to avoid would be soap made with Sodium.

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