a micro army invades my suurvy (Carpobrotus edulis)

by caro
(cape town)

the fungus on my Carpobrotus

the fungus on my Carpobrotus

the fungus on my Carpobrotus
the fungal armies invading the leaves of the Carpobrotus, a well known South African 'wild' crop

I found this fungus on my Carpobrotus... after disposing of it I suddenly thought that it could be a solution to slow down the invasiveness of Carpobrotus (the same species and relatives) in California and Australia and my fortune would be made and I'd no longer be desperate and disempowered, but... then maybe not... I threw the Carpobrotus on the ground in a shady area, and then the rains came, succulents don't like that kind of environment, whereas the invasions in the rest of the world would be exploiting sun, wind, and dry open spaces not conducive to fungal growth. Nonetheless the fungus is both repulsive at a glance and spectacular up close and I thought I'd share the pictures.

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Jul 22, 2017
Carpobrotus fungal parasite
by: Caroline

Don't panic its just a tiny mushroom, but devastating. One of the doors opened by new plant experiments.

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