a treasure trove for a gardeners supply of eco fertilizer and water wise plants in goodwood

We found this Fynbos Nursery and large scale Vermiculture right on our doorstep, for almost everything an eco conscious gardeners supply store should have

Stephan asked me if I wanted to visit the gardeners supply outlet at Grand West Casino, because they have a wormery, indigenous Fynbos nursery and vegetable garden. We drove to the Casino which is in Goodwood. After asking a gardener, we were directed to the nursery. It is on the southernmost section of the Casino’s ring road, a gate standing open, into an obviously unused parking lot behind, with a dust road heading into the long grass. We followed the dust road towards the huge white warehouses and palm trees in the distance, and finally came to Granny’s Green Nursery. There was ample parking on the grass under the trees. Under a shady poplar, circles of chairs from recycled tyres with nylon rimpies (strings making the sitting area of a chair) formed an outdoor room for meetings and lunchtime relaxation.

I apologize for the blurred photographs, a virus on my flash drive makes me wary of retrieving the photographs from Steve's camera again, most of the best of which were deleted by a file duplication virus, and I won't forget my camera next time. But if you know the area you may recognize the big warehouse south of the Casino. 

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An unexpected green tour !

Shepherd came out to meet us and offered to show us around. He manages the worm farm, and it was very interesting to have him tell us about it. The worm farms turned out to be huge insulated industrial worm farms. They recycle all the vegetable waste from the restaurant and hotel at Grand West, except citrus and meat, and the nursery grows vegetables in turn to supply organic food.

Fantastic value !

It is an uplifting green story and a wonderful find for a home gardener or a landscape gardener looking for wholesale gardeners supplies, because this nursery is open to the private individual, but has wholesale prices. They sell worm tea at ten rand for a quarter litre, eighteen for half, and vermicompost for a hundred bucks a fifty kg bag, at this time. They have restios, large olive trees, many kinds of groundcovers and lots of other hardy landscaping plants ideal for a waterwise garden, as they use mainly vegetative propagation techniques and serve people doing landscape design professionally. What a dream shopping here for gardeners supply. 

You can see the whole nursery, the greenhouse, where the cutting boxes and propagation trays are bristling with life, appearing to have a very high rooting rate, the growing areas, where everything looks so healthy and is flourishing. This is quite unusual in my experience of production nurseries, and indicative of good horticultural practice. They are not open on public holidays and weekends, but the rest of the week from half past seven to half past four. You can contact the nursery manager Anelisiwe on 078 3736009. We should have called beforehand to be polite. The informative service was fantastic, and I tried not to browse too long, because you can see that that anyone who helps with drop in customers must leave their other work.

My choice

I bought a boot full of plants for one hundred rand, Salvia, two scented Pelargoniums, Velthemia, Eucomis, and two kinds of Plectranthus, really large well rooted plants. We’ve a lot of shade from the huge thorn tree, and the shadows of the outbuildings in winter, so the Salvia and Pelargoniums are going in the two spots of sun that are not yet fully planted, and the rest in the shady areas which need planting still. It seems I've got a gardeners supply store sorted for any professional garden landscaping project. I’ll soon be doing the next major planting project at home and will document everything and how easy waterwise planting can be. 



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