the most gentle rose for watering vegetable seedlings

by Ellie
(Cape Town)

easy to make with hammer and nail

easy to make with hammer and nail

I just want to show you the easiest to make, recycled rose for watering seedlings. I learned this trick from William Isaacs at SEED.
Take an old water bottle
Screw off the cap and place it top down, on a soft underlayer (carpet or cardboard)
Working from the inside of the cap out, pierce the cap with small holes using a hammer and a sharp nail
Fill bottle with rainwater and nutrients as desired
Screw the cap back on
If you do it without too much pressure and close to the soil, the water will soak in without disturbing even the tiniest seeds and new sprouts.
As they grow you can up the distance and pressure

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May 04, 2017
This really works
by: Caroline

This invention allowed me to sow in situ and also without plastic covers for the first time in my life as the seeds were undisturbed
thank you so much

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